We all have the power to change the world


A group of people full of hatred killed more than 100 innocents on Friday. Nobody was expecting it. The hate of those executioners turned into death and left room for an icy silence. The death of those innocent victims will transform into hate, much stronger than the initial. I can imagine the grief of the families and friends of the people who lost their life in that massacre, an immense suffering to which they can?t resign themselves. It?s not only this that?s scaring me; hatred and rage will be shared through social networks and will go through everybody?s [...] read more

The japanese masseuse


I’m in a small white room, not very cozy. Some couches are covered with cellophane, in “Fantozzi’s house” style. Where am I? In a Shiatsu massage center of Little Tokyo, in Los Angeles. I came here because I love this kind of massage and because the masseuse is 100% Japanese, so Japanese that I couldn’t understand a word of what she said on the phone when I booked.

On my right I see a tiny door, like the ones at the post office, that is less than one meter from the floor. It looks like Tom and Jerry’s lair.

I think: do they have a cat?

Then a small hand [...] read more

Halloween and Pancho’s trick

FullSizeRender 2

PHOTO: Mario Coruzzi‘s double disguised as a fetus, on sale.

They say there were 500.000 people parading in Santa Monica Blvd on the night of 31st and I honestly think they weren’t that wrong.

A few hours before the parade started, I was walking with Pancho in front of our house. At some point I heard a demonic voice shouting ?hi little dog!?. I got scared. At that moment I forgot it was Halloween. I turned around and saw a man on his fifties dressed up like an idiot, he was sitting in a glowing skulls throne that changed their color. ?Treat or trick?? [...] read more

What’s hiding behind Hollywood? A behind the scenes that I would have never expected…

FullSizeRender 3

PHOTO: Nic and Pancho at the top of Hollywood hill.
When I was living in Italy I was always wondering how fictitious Hollywood world could be and, above all, what was hiding behind this name that has been dominating the movie industry worldwide. To remove all doubt I decide to go to the top of the hill.

I get my backpack, some water, my camera and Pancho?s bowl and I arrive to the crossing bar that marks the beginning of the long walk towards the famous sign. The road is narrow and unpaved and it?s steep. We go up, Pancho is in front of me and climbs like a squirrel with no effort, [...] read more

A finger and an ear in Los Angeles beaches


PHOTO: a moment off during the shooting of the musical short film The Lonely Finger.

I’m walking along the streets of Milan looking for the metro station and what do I see? The Scientology Church. I thought it was only part of Los Angeles madness but, on the contrary, I find it here too. I look up and look at the sun: I miss the Californian one, I miss the palm trees, Downtown, I miss the beach and the things that were absurd to me.

Tomorrow morning I?ll be leaving for LA but I want you to revive them all for a moment in this surreal music video that I shoot before leaving with [...] read more

Los Angeles Milan. Non-stop!


PHOTO: Pancho visibly offended for the weather in Milan

15 hours flight, 1 stopover in New York where I nearly lost my flight connection, 1 hour in a taxi.
Pancho was in his dog basket with handles without batting an eyelid (even because he has no eyelashes). Me? Exhausted. The good thing about being a chihuahua is that you can rest in a bedsit even when you are in a plane. On the contrary, I had serious back and knees problems and tingling sensation all over (I flew in economy, in case you are wondering).
We landed late in New York JFK and what it happened is exactly what I [...] read more

I’ve nearly lost Pancho. Forever.

Photo: Pancho on the bridge a few seconds before the wicked deed

What I’m going to tell you is absolutely incredible. I don’t know exactly how I did it but, for my negligence, I nearly lost Pancho in the most absurd way.

I was walking along a large bridge that crosses the Big Bear Lake Valley, in California. Pancho was scampering in front of me with no leash, when I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a figure coming up to us at frightening high speed. An eagle or a hawk, I don?t know, but it plunged like a bullet from the sky towards Pancho, to take him away like a little [...] read more

I’m moving to New York


The whirling fan turns incessantly in my room, my neighbor is listening to Armenian TV at full blast and this summer never seems to come to an end here in Los Angeles. Today I went to a Buddhist Temple and started to meditate. It was 7.30 am when I timidly entered the room barefoot, I sat in an armchair and waited. It was my first time.

A monk walked in, he sat in front of us and guided the meditation. How many people were there? Two. Me and a bold man. At 8.00 am I left, fresh and regenerated and with a whole day ahead.
Since I decided to go back to Italy I?ve been trying to [...] read more

Shocking news!


(Nic and Pancho at YouTube Space LA. Pancho’s not yawning, he saw a beautiful girl on the right)

After months of absence I decided to start writing in my blog again. I realized that there’s no reason for not doing it and there are always so many things that I would like to share with you. I have three shocking news that will make you fall off your chairs, that will make you tremble and maybe fast for the next fifteen years. Are you ready?

The first one is that I shaved. Who cares, but I wanted to tell you!

The second one is that the video [...] read more

Pancho was attacked by a dog

My legs are still shaking and my heart is beating fast. I’m not quite sure what happened exactly, my body was possessed by adrenaline and made me act without thinking.

I was in an office, a co-working on the fourth floor of a building in Hollywood Boulevard, Pancho was with me, sitting in a chair next to mine while I was making a Skype call.

At some point the door opened, I had to leave the room because the meeting room limited time was over.

I ended my call and I suddenly heard a harrowing scream, like a little pig being slaughtered.

Pancho was lying on the floor floundering under a [...] read more

Two fundamental ingredients to train your dog

Today my window’s curtains are shut, I only hear Los Angeles’ sounds, sirens and homeless’ screams.

I had a sleepless night. I looked at my eyelids for more than 3 hours, heat, cold, shivers. I therefore decided to break a very important rule. I took Pancho in my bed.

Pancho never sleeps with me, not even in my bedroom. This is the reason why he’s independent and not morbid towards me. It’s one of the little rules that I decided to adopt and I must say that it works.

Sometimes some people write to me asking how to train their dog. Well, I?m not a dog trainer [...] read more

Nic and Pancho take aim at the Oscars


Don’t be misled by the title. This afternoon I was hungry, I was with Pancho and we decided to get a pizza by “Oscar”, an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles, Pancho had a little piece of crust.

I decided to put this title on this article to draw readers’ attention, some of you must have thought of the prestigious Academy Award and are now disappointed to read an article about a young man and his dog eating a pizza.

But no!

This article really talks about cinema and about a little piece of art that I made with my friend Pancho: our first short!

We finished shooting a couple [...] read more

The story of Nic and Pancho

It feels like yesterday when I woke up with my e-mail congested with messages. Journalists, television networks, big sites from all over the world wanted to know more about that young man who does yoga with his little dog.
It all started by chance, I shot the video with Pancho and I published it on this blog, in this post. Then I went to a party where I met a girl from New York, she was in LA for a week. I showed her the video and she literally [...] read more

To be towed on skateboard by your dog

Venice Beach?s Ocean Front Walk is always crowded. Tourists wearing flip flops are taking selfies with those horrible metal sticks, street artists are playing improvised instruments with things picked up around town, a homeless is rummaging through a dumpster hoping to find a piece of leftover hamburger. I?m walking with Pancho looking for some shade to sit on the grass and drink something, it?s been a long day.
Suddenly an idyllic image draws my attention. A young guy on a skateboard ploughs through people pulled by his dog, everybody lets him pass, he?s the king [...] read more

Behind UCLA’s desks

Before I tell you my story enjoy the latest Nic and Pancho video:

It’s late and the minute hand turns faster than my car’s wheels, stuck in Sunset Blvd’s traffic. It’s 6.55 PM and in 5 minutes I should be behind the desks of UCLA’s main hall to attend a movie lesson. I’ll never make it!

I?ve been attending the evening classes of the famous Californian university for 5 or 6 months now and I must say that they are really interesting, useful and practical. You can really learn anything. I?m [...] read more

when your dog is wiser than you

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I question myself about my future, I ask myself whether I’m doing the right thing staying here, miles away from my homeland. I ask myself if it makes sense to start all over again, I ask myself if I will ever make it or if it would be better for me to go back and retrace my steps. Then I ask myself what’s this thing that is scratching my right foot; it’s Pancho’s paw calling me from under the table. He stares at me as to say:

?Don?t think too much about the future, move your ass, come and give me another Spanish [...] read more

The Superbowl scandal


“With the Super Bowl approaching, the spirits arouse: 11 of the 12 balls presented by the Boston team for the AFC final vs the Colts seem to be irregular to favor Brady. The quarterback: “It’s ridiculous”. But coach Belinchick was already fined in 2007 for spying the Jets’ defense.”

 Everybody in the United States talks about the deflated balls’ scandal, but nobody knows who’s guilty.

 The video that I’m about to show you will dispel any doubt…

Spanish lesson with Pancho

Spanish Cover

There’s one thing that I wanted to tell you for some time now, it’s one thing I feel ashamed of and maybe it’s better to pull it out instead of letting it turn inside out in my stomach.

I have a dog called “Pancho” but he doesn’t speak a word of Spanish!

I called him that because the ?chihuahua? is a Mexican dog, originally coming from the state of Chihuahua, therefore I thought it would have been right and proper towards his ancestors to give him a Mexican name. I heard people calling him in many different ways: Paco, Poncho (the most popular), [...] read more

Gelson’s Banana


Some of you might want some explication about this unusual title that reminds of a 60?s porno movie.
The choice of the title is obviously a provocation to draw the readers? attention with a sexual enticement.
The content of this article has nothing to do with an Anglo-Saxon guy?s penis.
Gelson?s is an American ?luxury? supermarket chain.
Today I was walking past it and I had to buy a few things, a ?patch? grocery shopping just to have something in the fridge when I got home.
I took 3 bananas, 4 apples, 2 kiwis, [...] read more

Milan – Los Angeles


I created this photographic diptych when I was in Milan in view of my future departure for the United States, with the objective of looking at it during my moments of nostalgia, to give me the energy and to make me feel that I?ve done the right thing. I admit that I exaggerated a bit; the picture in Milan was taken in autumn, that day I wasn?t really in good shape, whereas in the one in Los Angeles I was in a moment of great euphoria and well-being. Did you ever take a picture of yourselves in such different moments and then placed the two pictures side by side? Try it, it?s [...] read more